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"It’s been 93 days on The Daily. In that time I’ve gone from not being able to run for 5 minutes to running for 45 minutes. I average 16,259 steps per day versus 2,000, and have missed only one day of movement. I sleep better, eat better, and understand my body better. I feel better and my mood is better. I've learned I can eat healthy and have fun too. Oh, and to top it all off, I’ve LOST 34.5 POUNDS!!! The Daily is everything you say it is and even more. I can’t think of any better way to feel on my 33rd birthday and am so excited to continue this journey with you, coach Mackenzie and the whole daily community!!! THANK YOU, I feel like you’ve changed my life!!"

"Think you're not a runner? Think you don't have time to do an hour of movement a day because you have a busy job? Or because you have kids? Think you can't eat healthy because you don't like to cook? Think you can't fast because you'll be hungry? That's what I thought too. I was wrong! It can be done when you have the support and accountability of your coach. I had tried every diet and exercise program that exists, nothing changed my body and my lifestyle like The Daily has. Being able to focus on my progress in a healthy way (like how many more minutes I ran today than yesterday) rather than the number on the scale has been such a gift. The personal attention you receive from your coach truly helps you accomplish goals, break through plateaus, and get you back on track if you fall off course. I had so much success with this program that even my husband tried it- and like me, he lost a bunch of weight and is in the best shape of his life. We are so grateful for this program!!"


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