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In-person events, recipe ideas and inspo, accountability and one heck of a kickass community. All that's missing is YOU.

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Life is too short to feel anything less than amazing. Build a lifestyle where movement, nutrition, and accountability combine to unlock the happiest and healthiest version of YOU. This isn't an exercise program. This isn't a diet. 

It's a lifestyle.

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What Are You Looking For? 

Maybe you can't lose the weight and keep it off, maybe you just had a baby and are struggling to balance motherhood and your health. Or maybe you want to be a faster runner and find a community to boost your mindset and level up your life. Any of those hitting home?


Walk or Run, Just Move

A curated monthly workout calendar designed by your coach specifically for you will keep you moving and motivated every day.


Real, Whole Foods

Our coaches will show you nutrition principles that are easy to follow, affordable, and don't require hours in the kitchen.


Your Squad Is Here

Daily texts and morning motivations from your coach, plus Daily group challenges and events means you're never alone.


I'm Lindsay, Your Head Coach & Nutritionist

Once I became a mother of two (now I'm a mom of three!), I knew I had to simplify my exercise routine and up my nutrition game. Through trial and error, I came up with The Daily methodology. Nutrition, movement and accountability are the foundation. I simplified it to make it easy and flexible enough to fit any person's crazy schedule.


“I am a completely new person because of The Daily...”

"...I am down 44 pounds, but more importantly, I feel strong and confident, and I have a better relationship with food and my body."

— heather, daily member since 2019

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Think cooking something nutritious and delicious is impossible?

It's not! Get our top recipes–Daily tested and approved. Each recipe involves minimal prep for maximum flavor and each takes less than 30 minutes to make!

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Dropping in with weekly inspo, strategies and content created with YOU in mind. Zero fluff. Just the good stuff.

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You Deserve To Be Healthy & Happy

By choosing to upgrade your health, you are choosing to upgrade all aspects of your life. You deserve this.

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